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Friday, October 28, 2016

Important Website Update

At the start of the school year, the Stowe School District informed parents and the community that we registered and began to use a new domain, www.stoweschoolsvt.com. We'd like to to take an opportunity to remind you again of our new domain and ask that you please update your bookmarks and links to reflect this change.  If searching for our school sites, please look for “stoweschoolsvt.com.“

Our old domain is no longer managed by the Stowe School District. Regrettably, Stowe Schools missed the renewal on its domain name, www.stoweschools.com, and the domain was "sniped" and registered by a third party. Attempts to re-acquire the domain were unsuccessful, therefore we cannot redirect visitors from the old to the new domain. To improve access to our new domain, we have begun the process of actively promoting our domain. It is estimated that in 2-3 months, our new domain will supplant the old domain at the top of search results and enable visitors to easily find us online when searching.

The www.stoweschoolsvt.com websites are continuously being updated and offer new features to improve communciation, such as the option to receive news and  announcements from each school by e-mail.  We hope that the transition to a new domain, with new features, will ultimately improve communication and user friendliness.  We appreciate your patience and support with the transition and look forward to being back on top of the search results soon!