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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Road to Proficiency-based Learning at Stowe Elementary School

Welcome to the start of our monthly communication for personalized and proficiency-based learning in our schools.  As we continue to share information, we don't want to pass by a critical question; why are these changes being made?

Education in the 21st Century:

Twenty-first-century education is about responding and adapting learning to the way             technology, information access, and the global economy have changed over time, and         especially in the past few decades.  Education must infuse core competencies such as         critical thinking, digital literacy, research skills, collaboration and problem-solving into             learning so that students have the skills needed to succeed in today's world.

In addition, new cognitive research provides us with a better understanding of the brain, how children learn, and the conditions and environments that both promote and block growth and learning.  These insights give us the opportunity to engage students for better learning and design classes and curricula that best meet students' individual needs as we continue to inspire and prepare every student for success.

To read more about 'why,' including Act 77, Cognitive Science and 21st Century Skills, grab a cup of coffee and visit:  


As we head down the road to proficiency, we are starting to see great progress being made. At the elementary level, students are actively setting learning goals and reflecting on their own progress related to specific content.  Teachers are developing and utilizing learning scales to help students measure their accomplishments and determine their next steps as they approach the desired learning targets.

We look forward to keeping you informed as we go and answering your questions along the way.  Please visit this link to learn more: